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The Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal hears and determines disciplinary proceedings brought against medical practitioners under Part VIII of the Medical Practitioners Act 1995 (the Act). References are made to sections of the Act. The information under Disciplinary Process, does not replace the Act which contains the legal and statutory provisions relating to the operation of the Tribunal. This information sets out the usual procedures to be followed before and during a hearing, but the Tribunal may adopt different procedures, appropriate to the circumstances, from time to time.

The Tribunal comprises a Chair, a senior Deputy Chair, a Deputy Chair and a panel of not fewer than 12 members, all appointed by the Minister of Health. When the Tribunal sits to hear and determine any matter it sits with a Chair or Deputy Chair and four members, three of whom are medical practitioners and one person who is not a medical practitioner.

The Tribunal sits in the principal centre nearest to where the events which resulted in the charge(s) took place, unless all parties request and the Tribunal approves, an alternative venue.

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